We offer professional photography services!

  • Photography with professional digital cameras or film leica or 6 x 7 format.
  • Photographing can be done on the ground, on your premises or in the studio.
  • Industrial photography: photography of products, buildings, business premises.
  • Photography from helicopter or lift.
  • Photo reportage of events, events, ceremonies.
  • Wedding photography.
  • Portrait photography in the studio, in nature or in a selected area (where we set lights and background). During the shooting we recommend presence of make up artist.
  • Photos can be made directly at the shooting - the first photographer is photographing and other photographer prints photos.
  • We computer-process all images, we can install them, replace backgrounds, add text, make an red-eye correction.
  • Photographs are produced in digital or traditional format (on CD or print media).
  • Photos can be created in any format - enlargened (the size of your choice).
  • We can inserted photos of your choice inserted in the frame.
  • Reproductions of photographs, dia-positives, old photographs, works of art.
  • We can create envelopes and labels for CD media.
  • We can cater your special wishes.

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